Charitable Giving


When you buy Local Gems gear, a portion of every sale goes to Feeding South Dakota. Why Feeding South Dakota? Three reasons:

  1. Reach - Feeding South Dakota serves the whole state. Not just urban or rural. Not just Sioux Falls or Rapid City.

  2. Tangible - Everyone can relate to hunger. We all need to eat. Every last one of us. But some of us don't get to.

  3. Effectiveness - $1 feeds four kids. That means $25 feeds 100 kids. 

Each quarter, I'll cut a check to Feeding South Dakota, regardless of whether it's for $10 or $10,000. They're happy either way. But of course, $10,000 is better than $10.

If you'd like to skip all this t-shirt business and support them directly, I fully encourage you to do so. Donate money, food or time. It all helps.